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A Qatari company specializing in women’s fashion and sewing fashion established since 2003, we have sought over the past years to enhance our position in the local market by building a broad customer base in which we relied on the customer’s trust in the quality of our products. The Oryx Doha trademark group is managed by Mrs. Amal Al Yazidi within an organizational structure that includes a group of skilled professionals who practice their handcraft as experts in either design, cutting, and detailing, or in the production of evening wear. We took it upon ourselves to achieve quality at high standards against competitive prices to provide the utmost satisfaction to our customers and translate their desires into reality.
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Women's Fashion Designer Shop

Amal Alyazidi Alyafei

Designer & Owner

In my personal opinion, fashion is not just a product. Fashion is not just a way to highlight the external appearance of the individual but goes beyond it to improve the psychological state and introduce happiness to ourselves and raise our spirits, as many people boast about expressing their personal beauty through the fashion they wear in addition to the way they wear it, and the designer who understands this always puts this in mind When designing products for his target customer.
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